Ferrin Vor



R.C.C.: Chasseur Vert
Sex: Male.
Level of Experience:
Current Experience: 7th level (Head Hunter?)
Attributes: I.Q. 15, M.E. 18, M.A. 15, P.S. 18, P.P. 17, P.E. 15, P.B. 10, Spd. 12.
Attribute Bonuses:
Hit Points: P.E. + 50.
Armor Rating: 12.
S.D.C.: 80.
M.D.C.: None, except by armor.
Horror Factor: None.
P.P.E.: 3.
Attacks/Actions per Melee:
Combat Bonuses:
Resistance/Saving Throw Bonuses:
Natural Abilities — Chasseur Vert:
1. Water Absorption. Can absorb enough water in 1D4 hours to survive for 12 days; + 2 days per level of experience.
2. Camouflage. By remaining stationary the D-Bee can blend in almost perfectly with the background. Base Skill: 90% if stationary, 70% if moving more than 2 feet per melee, 20% if moving more than 6 feet per melee; – 60% in an urban environment. Note: This ability is totally useless if the character is moving any faster than 6 feet per melee.
3. Regeneration. Heals twice as fast as normal humans and can regrown lost limbs in 1D4 + 1 months.
4. Stealth. Adapt at moving quietly, naturally counts as having the prowl skill when moving through vegetation and natural landscapes. Base Skill: 94% + 3% per level of experience; reduce by half in artificial/urban environs.
4. Chemical Lure. Can exude an intoxicating pheromone to lure prey. Range: 2,500 feet. Saving Throw: Non-Lethal Poison (14 or higher). A failed save causes the prey to blindly seek out the source of the pheromone. It causes a euphoria not unlike being very intoxicated. Penalties: – 5 on initiative, – 3 on strike, – 3 on dodge, – 3 on parry, and reduce all attacks/actions by half. Victims with human-level intelligence are at – 2 on initiative, – 1 to strike, – 1 to dodge, – 1 to parry, and reduce attacks/actions per melee by one third instead.
5. Sap. Can secrete a powerful sap from the hands, the sap is a stick resin that can be used to repair broken items as well as entrap foes. A good layer of sap can stick a grown human or item upwards of 300 pounds in weight. A combined P.S. attribute of 25 or higher is needed to pull free. The sap can be neutralized by any of a variety of solvents (gasoline, mineral, spirits, bestine, and the like). It takes one melee round (15 seconds) to secrete enough sap to glue a person to a tree.
6. Root to Ground. Can anchor itself to the ground, while so anchored it cannot be budged. It takes one melee round (15 seconds) to root oneself to the ground. Uprooting the character is difficult and requires a supernatural P.S. attribute of P.E. + 7. Note: This ability only works on natural surfaces, the character cannot root themselves to asphalt, metal, or any man-made surface.
7. Forearm Thorns. The Chasseur Vert have two retractable thorns on their forearms that can inject a powerful toxin (see below). Damage: 2D6 S.D.C. + P.S. attribute bonus.
8. Poison. Saving Throw: Save vs Lethal Poison (16 or higher) every 10 minutes. Duration: Two Hours. For the duration of the poisoning the victim is nauseated, suffers from cramps, and his body temperature fluctuates wildly, causing sweats and chills. Damage: 2D6 directly to Hit Points per failed save. Penalties: – 2 on all combat-related rolls, – 10% on all skills, and reduce the Spd. attribute by 10%.

Special O.C.C. Abilities — Momano Head Hunter

O.C.C. Skills
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Ferrin Vor

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